Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teen Glamour Shots

This is a BEFORE picture of Makenzie
Charmed by Tonya and Diana King Photography Glamour shot WINNER…
The young winner (Makenzie) was just the sweetest girl with a big beautiful smile.  I went to her home after her school with all my airbrush supplies and did her hair and makeup.  I met Diana in Downtown Tomball and we walked all over the museum district.  Makenzie posed her heart out and Diana took some amazing pictures.  I just love being a part of making people feel and look beautiful even if they are only 13 and already beautiful.  I love that Diana can always find what is unique in people and turn it into a keepsake, print and deliver.  http://mdkphotography.photoshelter.com/ 
I hope to do another contest soon with Diana maybe a MOMonly contest of some kind…I will keep you posted.  http://www.charmedbytonya.com/
Thanks to Makenzie for being a wonderful model!!!

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